Backup Tool for Google Apps - Guaranteed Cloud Data Security

World has gone cloud nowadays as people rely upon saving all their data on cloud rather than saving it on any storage media as then data can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device. Moreover Google Apps changed the terms of communication in business sector; education sector and personal level as well with the innovative and advance features. So, it becomes important to backup Google Apps account (email, documents, contacts & calendar) on regular basis and it can be done via Google Apps Backup tool to safeguard and secure crucial information.


Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

However with advance technology come the countless drawbacks which we avoid on daily basis. But these drawbacks can burst into endless catastrophic situations, if ignored for longer. Some of the benefits and drawbacks of cloud computing is mentioned herein:

The benefits offered by cloud computing is summed up here:

  • Cut-Off IT and computing cost.
  • Absolute portability and security of data.
  • Influential communication techniques.

The pitfalls of cloud computing includes:

  • Your data is exposed to any third party firms.
  • Lack of complete control over data.
  • Uncertainty or unpredictability of cloud environment.

Backup Google Apps Account via Reliable Method

Google Apps User Account

The backup for Google Apps account data including email, documents (drive), contacts & calendar can be created via Google Apps Backup tool. It restores account data including emails, calendars, documents and contacts into PST, EML, MSG and MBOX format. It helps creating backup in three different modes:

  • Single User Backup
  • Multiple User Backup
  • Domain User Backup

The main advantage of using the tool is that the backup is available in physical mode and the user gains absolute control over data. Moreover the formats used to restore data such as PST, MSG, MBOX and EML can be used on several other email clients such as Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc. It can be used on cross platform applications such as Mac via Apple Mail.

Demo version of the backup tool for Google Apps helps to save/create backup of 100 email & 25 other data such as documents, calendars and contacts to local hard drive storage. Once you satisfy with the overall functionality of Google Apps Backup tool, you can proceed to buy licensed version